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TDC. Community-led solutions to tackling inequality.

 The Trust for Developing Communities was created in the year 2000 to deliver grassroots community development work across the city of Brighton and Hove.  Our work is community led and tackles inequalities experienced by communities of place and identity.

We work in neighbourhoods, across the city and beyond, with adults, young people and older people. Our skilled, trained and experienced workers use groupwork and activities to work with local forums, groups, meetings and individuals – working in partnerships and networks with other organisations to support and facilitate community-led changes.

We also deliver one-off consultancy and research projects like surveys and needs assessments and develop training tailored for community settings and community engagement courses for the community and statutory sector.  We believe that people’s health is at the heart of all that we do around responding to issues in the community, from low mood, self-esteem and confidence to poor nutrition, housing and access to services.

TDC work is also embedded in health settings like facilitating staff seminars with local Clinical Commissioning Groups (who work with GP surgeries and commission services including hospitals and ambulance) and through funding for older people’s work from Adult Social Care and Health in the local authority.

Our work around equalities is fundamental to the way we deliver and include communities in all our work, and the groups we support clearly show a range of diversity and on-going discussion about making them as accessible as possible. This work is sometimes developed in partnership with specialist organisations and by supporting groups and individuals to express their needs to service providers and at citywide forums.


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