In our Community Development work we foster community led public and private partnership projects.

In the west of the city we work with some amazing local partners, including The Hangleton and Knoll Project who deliver all the community development and engagement in their ward.

Meet your local team in West Brighton

"The West is full of established communities with a history of working together. Our role is often to build on this by drawing in external resources and services"

Kirsty Walker, Director of Neighbourhood Projects
[email protected]
07308 165 732

"The community development work in the Portslade and Portland Road area is always varied, whether it is with Friends of Parks groups, local forums or food banks, the community works so hard for each other that it makes the work I do with residents a pleasure. If I can assist them with their aims in any small way then I go home happy"

Amy Allison, Community Development Worker
[email protected]
07477 972 455

"My role in the west is to connect older, isolated and sometimes vulnerable  people to a range of different sources of support and information, which I find both rewarding and a great privilege."

Cal Chester, Community Development Worker
[email protected]
07440 032 215

We recently reached out on the ground through door knocking and visits in  North Portslade & Mile Oak to make people weren’t too isolated through the pandemic and you can see what we found out and what we are now doing in this report by Amy.

Download our Portslade Consultation Report

Purple People Kitchen Portslade


The Purple People Kitchen is an award-winning food bank in Portslade and, apart from providing meals and food supplies for the most vulnerable Portslade residents, provides a much wider service to the community in raising awareness on food poverty by giving talks to schools and other community groups. Nearly £40,000 worth of voluntary hours are contributed each year.

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