Turnaround Community Navigation

Turnaround Community Navigation programme is a national programme developed by Ministry of Justice to fund Youth Offending Teams across England & Wales, to improve partnership working between Youth Offending Teams and other services to prevent young people entering the criminal justice system. 

Our Turnaround project in Brighton and Hove works with children and young people (aged 10-17) on the cusp of entering the Youth Justice System; to identify their vulnerabilities, engage them in activities and services that can divert them away from offending behaviours and improve their outcomes in life generally. 

The programme relies on early intervention in the lives of the children and young people to preventative further offending. It draws upon their strengths and the strengths of their family and relies on their willing and active participation. It uses an evidence-base for interventions, adopts a holistic approach to well-being and uses a whole family approach to address the factors that directly relate to criminal activity. 

Because the referral criteria for this project is so specific, all referrals go through the Youth Offending Team However, any professional working with a child or young person who fits the criteria can talk to the Youth Offending Team about a referral.

Download referral criteria as a PDF 

Turnaround Referral Criteria

Turnaround referral form

Our TDC Community Navigator - Grace Martin is positioned geographically between TDC's office in Community Base and the YOT offices in Regency Road, however she will be working mainly out in the community in places that children and young people feel comfortable. 

To find out more about the project please get in touch with TDC by emailing [email protected]  or call us on 07873616598

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