Who Can be a Member?

We offer TDC Membership to any people and community groups we work with. It is to help guide our organisation going forward and ensure we are listening to the people that matter – you!

Involving Members

We will be developing new ways of involving members in our planning and we want to make sure that people we have been working with get the opportunity to be part of this, so we are really keen to ensure the people who are already connected to TDC become Members.


Every year TDC hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Here we will: report back on our previous year’s work and finances and celebrate the achievements from across the communities, we work with and will elect some new Trustees – including some of our Members. It is a great chance meet many of the wonderful people involved in other TDC projects.

Commitments of Members

By joining you agree to support TDC’s Charitable Objects, and our Mission, Vision & Values.

TDC’s Vision is for Brighton and Hove to become a city of equality, diversity and inclusion where our communities thrive.

TDC’s Our Mission is to deliver community-led solutions.

Our Values:
Community. “Strong communities are the key to health and happiness!”
Equality. “None of us can truly thrive whilst some of us are in poverty!”
Diversity “Our diversity is our strength!”
Inclusion “There is no ‘them and us’ only us!”

Members can still be employed as Staff or become a Trustee. Members have ‘limited liability’ which means you that you will not be responsible for any debts.


For more information fill in the TDC Membership Form and email it to us at [email protected] 

Equality & Diversity Policy

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