Our Board of Trustees have a wide range of skills and experience. They support our staff, and make important decisions to steer the direction of the organisation. 

Our Current Trustees

John Homewood – (local resident representative from Woodingdean)
Vicky Johnson – (Research Fellow, University of Brighton)
Eileen O’Leary– (local resident from Hangleton & Knoll)
Robert Brown MBE – (local resident rep from Bevendean)
Nick Ashwell – (retired university lecturer – young people)
Lou Carroll – (Digital media & strategy expert working at Brighton-based business, Electric Putty)
Laura Alexandra Williams
Gail Findlay

Becoming a trustee

If you have skills, experience or knowledge that you can contribute to our important work, find out more on our page about becoming a trustee.

Trustee skills evaluation

To maintain an effective Board with a balance of skills and experience we undertake a regular Trustees skills evaluation. This focuses on four areas; knowledge of TDC itself, knowledge and experience of the voluntary sector, management and organisational skills, and committee skills. We actively fill any skills gaps through recruiting additional Trustees with specialist skills, as well as through training and time spent with TDC staff and projects.

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