Our 12 strong Board of Trustees has a wide range of skills and experience to steer the direction of the organisation.  TDC is fortunate to have such committed Trustees who, for example, are always involved in the time-consuming task of staff recruitment.  We recognise the importance of the balance of professional skills and experience alongside local neighbourhood knowledge amongst the Trustees and will ensure that this continues.

TDC’s Current Trustees

John Homewood – (local resident representative from Woodingdean)
Grant Scott – vice chair (local resident representative from Craven Vale)
Vicky Johnson – (Research Fellow, University of Brighton)
Riziki Millanzi – (young Trustee, University student)
Paul Bramwell – Chair (self employed consultant & Honorary Fellow, University of Brighton )
Rev Stephen Terry – Treasurer (local resident rep from Hove)
Eileen O’Leary– (local resident from Hangleton & Knoll)
Robert Brown MBE – (local resident rep from Bevendean)
Nick Ashwell – (retired university lecturer – young people)
Edith Ojo – (equality and diversity rep with a background in the Arts Council)
Jordan Back – (young associate member, at BACA school)
Nikki Gatenby – (MD of Brighton-based business, Propellernet)

Trustees, recruitment and appointment

A third of the Board of Trustees retires each year by rotation and the retirees are eligible to stand for re-election.  Throughout the year staff encourage people within the neighbourhoods to take up membership of TDC, and, as the AGM approaches, to put themselves forward for election to the Board of Trustees.  This approach has had quite a lot of success.  Invitations to the AGM are sent to all members and to a wide range of people within the statutory and voluntary sectors.  The invites encourage non-members to become members, and non-Trustees to consider standing for election to the Board.  We will continue to ensure that the main event for members each year, the Annual General Meeting, is interesting and inclusive so that our members have a meaningful dialogue with TDC.

A TDC member said:

I came to The Trust for Developing Communities AGM and was very impressed with both the standard of displays, that gave a real sense of the extensive work taking place in the neighbourhoods served by TDC, and the general enthusiasm and liveliness of TDC’s staff and local representatives. The meeting itself was interesting……………and knowing where the small beginnings TDC came from, I was pleased that the organisation had developed so well in a few short years………more power to you all

All new Trustees are provided with background information about TDC and the responsibilities of being a charity trustee and they are required to sign a form indicating that they have understood this information and are legally entitled to act as a charity trustee.

New Trustees are offered a ‘mentor’ or ‘buddy’ from within the current trustees, to support them through their initial stages of trustee-ship, if they so wish.

In order to maintain an effective Board with a balance of skills and experience we undertake a regular Trustees skills evaluation. This focuses on four areas; knowledge of TDC itself, knowledge and experience of the voluntary sector, management and organisational skills as well as committee skills. We actively seek to address any weaknesses the evaluation may identify through recruiting additional Trustees with specialist skills, training and time spent with TDC staff and projects.