We support organisations to involve their community, by offering our research and consultation services. This might be through focus groups, public consultations or online surveys. We can advise you on the best approach for your requirements. 

Current Projects


Improving research participation by using creative methods to engage minoritised groups

To find out more visit the Brighton and Sussex Medical School website to read a joint statement about the project 

TDC's Deputy Chief Executive, Kaye Duerdoth said:

I am looking forward to this new collaboration which brings community research learning opportunities as well as greater understanding about engaging with communities effectively. This insight will lead to improved services for our communities.

This project is a partnership between medical research organisations in Sussex and local voluntary and community groups to engage minority ethnic and LGBTQ+ people in research projects. You can find out more about these partnerships here


Recent Projects

King Alfred Leisure Centre Regeneration Project

A Community Research Project with people from ethnically and culturally diverse communities and young people.

Download the full report TDC King Alfred Community Research Report
Download the summary infographic Regeneration Infographic

Perceptions of Health and Adult Social Care Services

Research into the views held by culturally and ethnically diverse communities
Brighton & Hove City Council commissioned the Trust for Developing Communities to research the perceptions of Health and Adult Social Care services held by members of culturally and ethnically diverse communities. This research is part of an on-going process of consultations which inform future health and social care services for the city.
Download the report Perceptions of Health and Adult Social Care Services
Download the response to the report from Brighton and Hove City Council
Response to TDC report: Perceptions of Health and Adult Social Care

Addressing Health Inequalities through Community Participatory Action Research: a collaborative approach to training and education

Question: Are community researchers a forgotten workforce?
What we did: Trained and mentored 35 community researchers in SE from grassroots and voluntary sector organisations
Download the report (external website)
Download the slide deck Addressing Health Inequalities Through Community Participation 

Community Voices: Health and wellbeing conversations in culturally and ethnically diverse communities

This consultation was undertaken exclusively with residents of Brighton & Hove’s culturally and ethnically diverse communities. The short report provides a baseline assessment of responses focusing on two distinct, but connected subjects: the extent to which the Covid-19 pandemic may have prompted long-term changes in health-related considerations affect eating or exercise and experiences and perceptions of accessing the NHS in the past 12 -18 months.
Download the Report Community-Voices-Health-Conversations

Let’s Talk About: Health and Wellbeing in East Brighton

This report is a contribution to the Sussex Health and Care Partnership “Let’s Talk About” conversations. Capturing the views, experiences, and suggestions for change as identified by residents in East Brighton accessing health and care services.
Download the Report East-Brighton-Health-Conversations

Community Participation Action Research: Cancer Screening

“This is absolutely fantastic work… to ensure equitable access to cancer screening for our Black & ethnic minority communities.”
Download the summary Cancer-Screening-Summary
Download the full report Cancer-Screening-Report

Consultation with Learning Disabled adults from Black, Asian and other ethnically diverse backgrounds

What those from Black, Asian, and other ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds tell us
From February 2021 and funded by Brighton and Hove City Council, this research project sought to assist the Council’s development of a plan/strategy for the City’s adults with learning disabilities from Black, Asian, and other ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds. Download the report

The NHS, COVID-19 and Lockdown: The Black, Asian, Minoritised Ethnic and Refugee Experience in Brighton and Hove

In July 2020, TDC and five partners: Sussex Interpreting ServicesHangleton & Knoll ProjectVoices in ExileNetwork of International Women and Fresh Youth Perspectives, surveyed 310 people from Black, Asian, Minoritised Ethnic, Refugee and Migrant communities in Brighton and Hove to find out about their experiences of the NHS, Covid-19 and lockdown.
Download Summary
Download Full Report

For more information about our services running focus groups please contact Kaye Duerdoth: [email protected], or call 01273 234769.

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