Young People

We support young people to form and run their own groups, to find ways to tell us what they need and raise funds for their own activities.

The TDC Youth Team either manages or directly delivers youth work provision across the North and East of Brighton as part of our work with Brighton & Hove City Council.  We aim to use developmental models to give young people the skills and confidence to make positive changes in their own lives and achieve great things for themselves and their communities.

Meet the Youth Work Team

We are trained and qualified in Youth Work and Community Development.  We help children and young people to help themselves through hand ups, not hand-outs.

  • Adam Muirhead, Director of Youth Work - Find Adam on facebook
  • Caroline Vitta, Youth Work Area Manager - East - Find Caroline on facebook
  • Kate Barker, Youth Work Area Manager - North - Find Kate on facebook
  • Sue Feighery, Freelance Projects Manager, Brighton Streets
  • Polly Labanya, Health and Wellbeing Youth Worker - Find Polly on facebook
  • Adam Welton - REBOOT Youth Coach - Find Adam on facebook
  • Sophie Murphy, Senior Youth Worker - Find Sophie on facebook
  • Sean Older, Senior Youth Worker - Find Sean on facebook
  • Evie Beardmore, Lead Youth Worker
  • Charlotte Geerts, Youth Worker
  • Amy Baker, Youth Worker
  • Georgina Grant-Mills, Lead Youth Worker
  • Jack Jackson, Lead Youth Worker
  • Abi May, Youth Worker
  • Mike Garrett, Youth Worker
  • Chris Young, Youth Worker
  • Ewan Alexander, Youth Worker
  • David Garrett, Freelance Projects Manager
  • John Lewry, Freelance Projects Manager
  • Elle Dyson, Youth Worker
  • Raquel Boira-Boulding, Youth Worker
  • Tanya Aire, Youth Worker
  • Shamann Back, Youth Worker
  • Abi Davies-Boon, Youth Worker
Read the TDC Youth Work Handbook

Volunteer with the TDC youth team.

The Trust for Developing Communities youth team is looking for volunteers. 

We run youth sessions (mostly with 11 – 19 year olds) in the North and East of Brighton and would like enthusiastic and committed people to become part of our team. 

We support those with disabilities, challenging behaviour, social and emotional issues as well as those who have no major personal concerns. 

We are ideally looking for people who have some experience in working with young people, but are open to all applicants. A DBS check will be necessary. 

Please contact Kate Barker on [email protected].uk or 07480 927 450

TDC Youth Work Brighton

Here is a list of our current Youth Sessions. We love to hear from young people and their parents/carers about what they want for young people and are always happy to include new ideas. If you are interested in getting a youth project going or would like to volunteer with us, please do contact us.

Whitehawk Youth Café. Every Monday from 3.30-5.30pm at the Whitehawk Inn

A drop in café based session for young people aged 11-18 years. We offer free drinks, sandwiches and fruit plus other snacks at a low cost. There are always games, conversations and other activities available with a friendly team of youth workers. Plus, we now offer the C card scheme, chlamydia tests and confidential relationship support for young people aged over 13 years.

Also we are looking for local volunteers of all ages to support the café side of the session – making drinks and sandwiches with the young people. So if you are interested in maybe volunteering in your community let us know!

Contact Caroline Vitta to find out more. Mobile 07481896892. Email [email protected]

67 Centre Bike Club, Tuesdays, 4-5pm at the 67 Centre (term-time)

Fix up your own bike using the tools, spare parts and help from the club’s friendly bike mechanic. Or if you want you are welcome to come and work on one of our ‘project bikes’ that we receive as donations to fix up and sell; we ‘pay’ you £5 per hour for work you do on project bikes as credit that you can build up and spend on bike-related kit – or just buy a freshly restored bike from the club! Open to ages 12 – 17, qualifications in bicycle mechanics available. Contact Adam Muirhead ([email protected])

St David’s Hall Bike Club, Whitehawk Road, BN2 5FL - Thursdays 3.30-7pm (Term-time)

We are also supporting the Bike Club on Thursdays in Whitehawk, all are welcome, to get support to fix and maintain your bike. Again our qualified mechanics are on hand to help. You can see more about the Bike it Clubs here

TDC are supporting the Bike Club with some Development of the Project and delivery of sessions. If you need more information you can email [email protected]

Moulsecoomb Young Women’s Group. Tuesdays 6-8pm at the 67 Centre (term time)

The session offers young women a safe space to be with other young women. In this group we chat about issues that young women want to talk about –anything from school to relationships to mental health. We also offer the C card Scheme and Chlamydia testing for young women aged over 13. At the same time there is lots of laughter and we make some tasty food together.

Contact Sophie Murphy or Caroline Vitta to find out more Email [email protected] / [email protected]

St Michael's Way Young Women’s group, Wednesdays, 3.30-5.30pm (term time)

This session is open to all the girls and young women living on the Travellers' site on St Michael's Way whether they living in settled accommodation or staying on the transit part of the site. We do lots of arts and crafts and games in the session as well as making time for snacks and chatting together

This session is supported by Friends, Families and Travellers. Contact Caroline Vitta - Mobile 07481896892. Email  [email protected]

St Michael's Way Young Men’s group, Wednesdays, 4-5.30pm

This session is open to all the boys and young men living on the Travellers site on St Michael's Way whether they living in settled accommodation or staying on the transit part of the site. This session is weather and light dependant so during the darker winter months may move indoors.

This session is in partnership with Friends, Families and Travellers. Contact Adam Muirhead ([email protected]) or Samson Rattigan [email protected]

Look Sussex, Wednesdays, 5.30-7pm at the 67 Centre (term time)

The Trust for Developing Communities in partnership with the charity Look Sussex are supporting weekly sessions for young people, who are visually impaired/blind, to access fun and interactive youth sessions.

All the sessions are FREE. The young people plan their activities with the youth workers and these can range from weekly cookery, craft making activities through to silent discos, singing, messy play and quiz nights. If you know any families who may benefit from the sessions (we welcome parents, carers and siblings to stay for a cuppa and chat) everyone is very welcome. And if you are interested in maybe volunteering in your community and this sounds like a group you would like to help grow, let us know! Contact Claire [email protected] or call 07809 829734 or alternatively contact Look Sussex, Tara Dutton on [email protected] or call 07703 434119

Coldean Youth Group, Thursdays, 6.30-8pm, Coldean Youth Club

Open Youth club for young people aged 11-18. Loads of great activities on offer including arts, games, making food and activities that the young people choose. Supported of course by a team of great youth workers who are around to chat and give support on any issues raised. We also offer the C card scheme (for free condoms), chlamydia tests and confidential relationship support for young people aged over 13 years. Contact Adam Muirhead ([email protected])

Moulsecoomb Youth Group, Thursdays, 5.30-7.30pm, 67 Centre

Everyone aged 11-16 is welcome to this lively session where young people get to make food, play pool and other games and hang out with friends. Supported by a team of great youth workers who are around to chat and give support on any issues raised. We also offer the C card scheme (for free condoms), chlamydia tests and confidential relationship support for young people aged over 13 years

Contact Caroline Vitta to find out more. Mobile 07481896892. Email [email protected]

Kicks Free Football, Fridays, 5-6pm, Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre (term time)

Come and get active with some indoor football run by the fantastic Albion in the Community. This session is open to all young people aged 11-19 years. A Parental consent form is needed for the sessions which can be collected from the Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre. For more information, please email [email protected]

Detached and Outreach Youth Work Sessions

The TDC Youth team like to get out and about in the areas we work in so often we take to the streets to meet young people in their communities. It’s a great way for us to get to know what’s going on in different areas and to meet new young people who may not go to a youth club. We’ll have a backpack of resources with us such as leaflets about different activities for young people, condoms, pens and a first aid kit. Sometimes we might have a quiz, game or some sports equipment too. We always work in pairs or threes and wear id badges. Look out for us around Whitehawk, Bevendean and Moulsecoomb.

Contact Claire Burchell, mobile 07809 829734. Email [email protected]

Bevendean Activities Group – meeting times vary

The BAG, as they are otherwise known, are a group of young people who help the TDC Community Workers for Young People to develop youth activities locally. For several years they have been key in organising the Summer Holidays Activities. We are keen to recruit new members with fresh ideas and energy into this group to help with expanding and doing activities in Moulsecoomb and Coldean too. So if you are a young person who would like to get involved in making sure that activities for 11-16s are fun and affordable please get in touch - it’s great volunteering experience and would look pretty good on your CV!

Contact Caroline Vitta to get involved - Mobile 07481896892. Email [email protected]

Summer Holiday Activities

We all get excited about a long summer holiday from school but that’s a lot of weeks to fill up. Every summer we organise a summer programme with the Bevendean Activities Group (see above). All the activities are at minimal cost as we want everyone to have the opportunity to do something fun. Previous activities have included trips to go karting, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing, Thorpe Park, and Butlins. We also have local activities in the community such as youth clubs, arts activities, sports, movie nights and cooking sessions. We produce a leaflet/registration form for the Summer Holiday Programme every year so keep a look out for it during May to August 2019. 

Contact Caroline Vitta to get your copy - Mobile 07481896892. Email [email protected]

Moulsecoomb Young Men’s Groups (times and days to be confirmed)

Some of the young men who come to the 67 Centre have been talking about wanting a space for young men, after all the young women have had their own group for a few years now. They have been successful in getting funding from the BHCC Youth Led Grants AND the Moulsecoomb Healthy Neighbourhood Fund so watch this space while we get planning. Ideas already include furniture making, sports and gym sessions and trips out. Get in touch if you want to get involved as a group member or as a volunteer

Contact Caroline Vitta - Mobile 07481896892. Email [email protected]

Tantrum and Mini Tantrum Community Led Youth Dance Group

Tantrum was supported by TDC to form as a Completely Voluntary Community led Project which started back in 2014. The Adult Committee support the members who range from 6-16 years to access 2 sessions of Dance a week locally in Queens Park, as well as to performan in the community and wider city. Wednesdays 5-6.15 aged 6-10 years and Tuesdays 5-7pm for aged 10-16 years. Both sessions cost £1.00 and you need to check with the Team Leader if any spaces are currently available on 07954 7611095. Or you can get more information from [email protected] the Senior Community Worker with Young People. 

SoundCity Drop-In, East Brighton Campus, Greater MET College, Wilson Avenue, BN2 5PB

In Conjunction with Audio Active, SoundCity Brighton and Hove, National Foundation for Youth Music and the MET College TDC is supporting FREE music sessions for young people aged 13-19 years. The Sessions run on Tuesday evenings 6-8pm. You can get involved in music production, beat making, singing/rapping and recording. All levels are welcome and you can just drop-in on the night or register for a FREE place at or ask [email protected] for more information

Various Intergenerational Events, supporting local communities to put on events themselves using Community Development to make it sustainable

We also support Intergenerational Events, at which local Community Groups and Groups of Interest fundraise for themselves with support from TDC workers on the ground. Some examples of that are the Craven Vale Community Association and Pankhurst Area Community Association who hold annual Easter, Summer and Halloween events as well as putting on festive activities at Christmas.

Over 30 families and young people accessed the recent Intergenerational Pumpkin Carving sessions in October in community spaces TDC are based in, and over 35 young people and families accessed the incredibly popular Christmas wreath making workshops, which have been running for several years. Poeople aged from 18 months right up to 80 years look forward to these activities and they are a definite date in the diary every year that Claire has supported them.

If you want to know more about the Intergenerational Work that we do, contact [email protected]. You can also find out more on Claire’s TDC Facebook page by searching for TDC Claire YouthWorker, just look for the TDC familiar Red Logo!

TDC Youth Work Brighton
TDC Youth Work Brighton

Brighton & Hove Youth Collective


As a member of the Brighton & Hove Youth Collective, we help youth projects grow in communities where they are needed.  Our trained community workers have helped start groups from scratch, supported projects that need some extra help (for example, by raising more money) and brought together existing projects for large-scale events.

To find out more, visit the Youth Collective website

Featured stories



Riziki was 12 years old when she first got involved with us. It was clear she had the motivation to improve things in her local community, and after thriving in several TDC groups we asked her to join the Big Dish Out, a teen-led project to commission £20,000 of council money to local charities.

Riziki went from strength to strength – speaking at the national Green Party conference at the age of 16. When she was 17 years old, we invited Riziki to join our board of trustees. Last year her voluntary efforts were formally acknowledged in a letter from Prime Minister David Cameron, later reported on in the Argus.


Young women in the park

When we met Daisy she was 11 years old and having behavioural issues. We encouraged her to join a young women’s group in the community and by the time she was 15 years old, she was helping run the sessions.

Following incredible growth through the women’s group, Daisy wanted to study Health and Social Care at college. She hit a stumbling block because she could not afford the bus fare. We helped her build her CV with the skills she had from volunteering and gave her a reference so she could get part-time work. Daisy could support herself and control her own life.

Daisy is now 18 years old and continues to volunteer with us.  She says volunteering has helped her achieve her potential and wants to give other young women the same opportunities.


We also deliver training around our methods of community work with young people to a range of other providers. Read about our current courses here, or contact us for more information.

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