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We support young people to form and run their own groups, to find ways to tell us what they need and raise funds for their own activities. Young people on rock climbing tower

Aim high, go far!

The TDC Youth Team either manages or directly delivers youth work provision across the North and East of Brighton as part of our work with Brighton & Hove City Council.  We aim to use developmental models to give young people the skills and confidence to make positive changes in their own lives and achieve great things for themselves and their communities.

Featured stories



Riziki was 12 years old when she first got involved with us. It was clear she had the motivation to improve things in her local community, and after thriving in several TDC groups we asked her to join the Big Dish Out, a teen-led project to commission £20,000 of council money to local charities.

Riziki went from strength to strength – speaking at the national Green Party conference at the age of 16. When she was 17 years old, we invited Riziki to join our board of trustees. Last year her voluntary efforts were formally acknowledged in a letter from Prime Minister David Cameron, later reported on in the Argus.


Young women in the park

When we met Daisy she was 11 years old and having behavioural issues. We encouraged her to join a young women’s group in the community and by the time she was 15 years old, she was helping run the sessions.

Following incredible growth through the women’s group, Daisy wanted to study Health and Social Care at college. She hit a stumbling block because she could not afford the bus fare. We helped her build her CV with the skills she had from volunteering and gave her a reference so she could get part-time work. Daisy could support herself and control her own life.

Daisy is now 18 years old and continues to volunteer with us.  She says volunteering has helped her achieve her potential and wants to give other young women the same opportunities.

Current Projects

Find out more about our work with young people in communities:


Meet the Youth Work Team

We are trained and qualified in Youth Work and Community Development.  We help children and young people to help themselves through hand ups, not hand-outs.

  • TDC Youth Team Community Development BrightonAdam Muirhead (Projects Manager)
  • Claire Burchell (Senior Community Worker with Young People)
  • Caroline Vitta (Community Worker with Young People)
  • Polly Labanya (Health and Wellbeing Youth Worker)
  • Sophie Murphy (Senior Youth Activities Worker)
  • Sean Older (Youth Activities Worker)
  • Charlotte Geerts (Youth Activities Worker)
  • Amy Baker (Youth Activities Worker)
  • Mark Locke (Youth Activities Worker)
  • Georgina Grant-Mills (Youth Activities Worker)
  • Chris Young (Youth Activities Worker)

Brighton & Hove Youth Collective


As a member of the Brighton & Hove Youth Collective, we help youth projects grow in communities where they are needed.  Our trained community workers have helped start groups from scratch, supported projects that need some extra help (for example, by raising more money) and brought together existing projects for large-scale events, such as the Wild Park Youth Festival.

To find out more, visit the Youth Collective website


We also deliver training around our methods of community work with young people to a range of other providers. Read about our current courses here, or contact us for more information.

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