Hospital Youth Worker

At the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital Emergency Department

The Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital (RACH) Youth Worker is available to help with complex cases where young people aged 11 to 17 present at Children's Emergency Department (CED) in times that include including violent incidents, frequent attendances, social or risk concerns. 

The project is delivered by The Trust for Developing Communities and funded by Rocking Horse Charity and the Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership.

The Alex's Hospital Youth Worker is Seano Older

Please use the contact form below to follow up on a referral, make a query or to ask for more information.
Email: [email protected]
Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07470 276 555


"I'm really glad my daughter met SeanO. She usually finds it difficult to talk to anyone, and was really agitated - bouncing her legs. But you made her feel at ease, speaking about some work with other young people that you introduced her to. They're now friends! She became comfortable to the point that she wants to continue working with you. It's amazing to see this progress in my daughter so I know other kids will benefit just as much! Thank you; we both appreciate you and what you do for these kids."

Parent of a young person that attended RACH CED

"This is such an amazing initiative, with really impressive feedback already. It would be great to come back and hear more about Seano’s work and how it could be replicated in other areas."

Dr Emma Wadey PhD RN (MH)
Deputy Director Mental Health Nursing, NHS England

"My son came in really upset, after a distressing week. Our connection and relationship has been really difficult for a long time and his mental ill health was making it unsafe at home. SeanO helped to put some support in place for my son and for me too! We were there for around 10 hours. During that time it was such a reassuring relief that SeanO spent time with both of us individually on two occasions. What I particularly valued was his sensitivity, communication skills and clear ability to assess and understand our situation. I was also really impressed with his signposting to relevant organisations.  He even took the time to follow us up and to make a referral for me.

He made a dreadful situation a little more bearable."

Parent of a young person that attended RACH CED

"I wouldn't speak to anyone about this (risk, violence, drugs, stress & opportunities) stuff; I get a good sense for people. It's good to share it with you." 

Ozz, young person

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