Act on Cancer Together

Act on Cancer Together seeks to reduce health inequalities in Brighton and Hove through increasing the amount of people who are diagnosed for cancer earlier, and who are able to access appropriate support if they receive a diagnosis.  It is being delivered in partnership with Hangleton and Knoll Project and Macmillan Horizon Centre, through funding from public health, NHS and Macmillan. 

Help us save lives by raising awareness of the early signs and symptoms of cancer and promoting cancer screening programmes.

We can visit your community or workplace to chat with people and deliver training.


We're currently raising awareness of cervical cancer prevention. 

The HPV vaccine can reduce your risk of cervical cancer and other cancers. You may have received this in year 8 at school. If you missed it, you can contact your GP to get your vaccine up to the age of 25.

Below is a short video about the HPV vaccine. Visit Health for Teens for more information

If you want to know more about cancer, get in touch with us using the form below. Or you can call us on 01273 234769 or email [email protected]

If you have any concerns about cancer symptoms or treatment please visit your GP
If you would like to receive updates on our campaigns about cancer screening and support please fill in your details below or call us on 01273 234769

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