In our Community Development work we foster community led public and private partnership projects.

Meet your local team in Central Brighton

"Health and wealth divides are stark in the centre. It feels vitally important to help remove barriers to ensure everyone is included in this vibrant area."

Kirsty Walker, Director of Neighbourhood Projects
[email protected]
07308 165 732

"I'm excited about the work to be done on joining the central team. I'm looking forward to doing more in neighbourhoods such as the Hanover & Elm Grove and Queens Park wards. I also work with the Community Buildings Network and appreciate the value of the network to those working and supporting community assets."

Mark Drayton, Community Development Worker
[email protected]
070809 830 029

"The central area is an exciting and vibrant part of the city. I learn so much from the groups that I work with regarding the challenges they face and how resilient they are."

Emma Reeves, Community Development Worker
[email protected]
07411 251 969


The Pankhurst and Craven Vale food bank has adapted to Covid-19 by offering support with shopping and delivery rather than collection to maintain social distancing. They average 100 deliveries to 200 people each week. They coordinate donations from the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, FareShare, Morrisons, the Sussex Gleaning Network and crowdfunding with a team of 21 volunteers. 

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