In our Community Development work we foster community led public and private partnership projects.

Your North Team 

"There's such a strong sense of communities knowing what they want and getting on with it that we really do become 'connectors'".

Kirsty Walker, Director of Neighbourhood Projects
[email protected]
07308 165 732

"I have met a lot of motivated and passionate people here, and their project ideas, skills and drive always inspire me"

Anke Thurm, Community Development Worker
[email protected]
07449 464 695

Ceza Da Luz TDC Community Development Brighton

"I love to be a part of the process of searching - when communities create what does not already exist."

Ceza Da Luz, Community Development Worker
[email protected]
07366 605 790

Sara Fernee

"It’s great to hear about the diverse range of projects led by community volunteers. My job is to listen, support and help to connect people with each other to ensure they are empowered to make the changes they want to see."

Sara Fernee, Project Support Worker
[email protected]
07307 683 581

"It's a great honour and privilege to support individuals and groups to achieve positive change in strengthening their communities."

Anita Doherty, Project Support Worker
[email protected]
07307 681 963

Bevendean Food bank


“Volunteers at the Bevendean Food bank are working hard to pack and deliver food parcels to around 70 households in Moulsecoomb, Bevendean and Meadowview each week. Support from TDC is vital during this time as the demand in much higher than usual and we need to stay connected to services in the city and locally”

Mandy, Bevendean Food bank committee member

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