Making Community Spaces youth-friendly

Making community spaces more youth-friendly | TDC Community Development Brighton | Youth Team

In Spring 2019, young people supported by the Trust for Developing Communities developed an audit to help community spaces become more youth-friendly in a bid to combat youth loneliness. 

The group explored the barriers that can prevent access to places. They questioned what can be done to make young people feel at ease and what would help encourage them to visit community locations.

The resulting document forms a framework to help make community spaces more accessible to young people, including an audit which managers of such places can use to assess and improve their own spaces. Suggestions include having a range of activities on offer and an online presence to enable young people to find out about the space in advance of visiting.

You can access the document here (or click on the image above) and watch the film below which goes alongside the audit. This video documents some of the process made by the group and shows what they felt were the priority areas. With thanks to the Co-op Foundation for their funding support.

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