We support community and student volunteers and repay their commitment by offering them the opportunity to work alongside an experienced development worker, the ability to take part in our ‘practice sessions’ and any training as it arises in a planned and supported volunteer programme.

If you would like to help, please contact us for a volunteering pack.

You can volunteer:

  • in the neighbourhood where you live (supporting groups, activities and meetings)
  • as a volunteer worker alongside our Community Development Workers
  • as an administrative volunteer, helping out in our main office or with our communications team
  • for one of our special volunteer opportunities (see below)

Read what other volunteers say about their experience...

"It’s nice to think you can enrich someone else’s life, no matter how small. It’s changed my life because I’d got myself in a bit of a rut and I wasn’t going out, so it’s made me go out, get up and do something. "

Gwen, Volunteer, Craven Vale

"I’d like to continue being involved because I think there is a need for such a group. It can help to avoid isolation which some members say that they do experience from time to time."

Yvonne, Volunteer with our partner organisation BMECP

"It’s working with the people here, there are some lovely characters. And I just like to see people enjoying themselves. That’s why I volunteer here, and to keep an eye on my mum."

Heather, volunteer at New Larchwood

"It makes a big difference because it helps people to come out of their house and they know there’s somewhere they can get cooked food. I like to be busy, I enjoy going out. I feel good if I do something for the community."

Norma, volunteer, Hollingdean

"It gives you a sense of doing something, giving something back. However little you can do, it all helps, even if it’s only an hour a week."

Nick, Volunteer, Craven Vale

I’m enjoying what I’m doing here very much. It’s great fun, good fun, and good for the community. But also good for me. Makes me feel part of the community. I get a great warm feeling about coming on Fridays.

Jonathan, volunteer at the Friday Friends lunch club at The Bevy

“On my first day of volunteering I was really pleased with it.
It was the first time that I slept all night in 6 years. I normally wake many times through the night but last night I slept all through to the next morning.
I felt very relaxed and had a lot more energy the next day.”

Emma, Volunteer, Coldean

Volunteer with the TDC Youth Team

The Trust for Developing Communities youth team is looking for volunteers.

We run youth sessions (mostly with 11 – 19 year olds) in the North and East of Brighton and would like enthusiastic and committed people to become part of our team.

We support those with disabilities, challenging behaviour, social and emotional issues as well as those who have no major personal concerns.

We are ideally looking for people who have some experience in working with young people, but are open to all applicants. A DBS check will be necessary, but a criminal record won’t necessarily stop you from working with us. See more about our Youth Work here

Please contact Adam Muirhead on [email protected] or 07772269761.

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