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TDC Business Plan Summary 2014 – 17


Published in June 2014 for information about our aims, activities and work in the coming years.


The Trust for Developing Communities is a community development charity working in Brighton & Hove and beyond. At TDC we aim to inspire and involve local community groups through innovative projects, activities and training. Read more about how we are doing this.


Is to support people of all ages to work together to find solutions and build the feeling of community and shared voice, to achieve lasting positive change.


We support self-efficacy — we help communities to make their own decisions and take action.

We believe in the principles and values that underpin community development practice:

  • Social justice – we enable people to have greater control over decision-making processes, services and activities which affect their lives.
  • Self determination – valuing issues identified and choices made by communities and raising awareness of relevant opportunities and possibilities. We work with groups only when invited to
  • Working and learning together – by supporting individuals to contribute effectively to communities.
  • Sustainable communities – empowering individuals and representative structures within communities.
  • Participation – through promoting the active involvement of both individuals and communities.
  • Reflective practice – through learning by reflecting on activities.

TDC is committed to achieving equality for everyone, no matter who they are and we will strive to make all we do as inclusive and accessible as possible.

We AIM to…

evolve, involve, innovate

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