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TDC. Community-led solutions to tackling inequality.

 The Trust for Developing Communities was created in the year 2000 to deliver grassroots community development work across the city of Brighton and Hove.  

Our Context Brighton and Hove is a uniquely creative and progressive City, which faces many challenges – there are areas where 43% of our children live in poverty and life expectancy is nine years shorter; whilst across the city we have the fourth highest level of suicide in the country and the second highest number of people sleeping on our streets. This is not ok.   

Our Vision is for Brighton and Hove to become a city of equality, diversity and inclusion where our communities thrive.

Our Mission is to deliver community-led solutions.

Our Values are community, equality, diversity and inclusion

  • Community Strong communities are the key to health and happiness!”

Community-led solutions produce longer lasting and more meaningful change. When we connect people, organisations and communities this maximises our resources and improves our well-being. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.  

  • Equality None of us can truly thrive whilst some of us are in poverty!”

To address economic, social and health inequalities, we recognise that everyone has different needs and opportunities. It is essential that resources are focused where they are most needed to enable everyone to play their full part – which benefits us all.

  • Diversity “Our diversity is our strength!”

We are enriched by our range of cultures, situations, sexualities, genders, faiths, ages and abilities. This unique blend gives us the experience and perspectives we need to address our city’s problems.

  • Inclusion There is no ‘them and us’ only us!”

We all have something valuable to offer, so when we support people to participate, including our most excluded and vulnerable citizens – everyone gains from this. 

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