Our Third Inclusive Job Fair Welcomes Job Seekers from Across the City

On 14th November we held our third inclusive job fair with Brighton Chamber. At the event job seekers from a range of ethnically diverse communities could meet local employers. TDC workers were on hand to translate into Arabic and Ukrainian. Amazing refreshments were provided by Stand Up for Ukraine.  The event was free to attend, … Read more

Welcome to Youth Work Week

“This week is Youth Work Week, and as well as celebrating all the brilliant youth work we deliver ourselves and with partners, we are planning to share snippets with you all week on this year’s theme “Youth Work in every place and space”.  Thank you for your year-round support, and please be in touch if … Read more

How a Few Words Saved My Life

When Irene was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2020, she was so grateful for all her family support. However, she was even more grateful to the kind words of encouragement that prompted her to check her breasts.   A nurse prompted me to check myself  I was initially prompted to examine my breasts after going … Read more

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Act on Cancer Together will be busy this month encouraging people in Brighton and Hove to examine their chest regularly for anything that isn’t normal for them. To get a free monthly text reminder to check yourself text REMIND ME to 82228 or go to this sign up … Read more

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