Area Networking

Network with public services, voluntary organisations and community groups
Connect digitally with our online groups
Find out what's going on in local neighbourhoods
Work together to find solutions to local community need
Share knowledge and expertise

TDC run quarterly networking sessions for community groups, voluntary sector, Brighton and Hove City Council and more. We meet regularly to build relationships, knowledge and understanding between us to improve the quality of lives of the communities we work with.

The sessions are a chance to share your latest news, meet people who are working in the area and work in collaboration to support your projects and services.

They are area focused so that partnerships and collaborations are bespoke to the community need. Details of each session are sent out via the mailing lists below. 

Dates for 2023

2nd Monday
4th Tuesday
1st Thursday
Last Wednesday
13th Apr
23rd May
4th May
26th Apr
10th Jul
26th Sep
7th Sep
26th Jul
19th Oct
12th Dec
9th Nov
25th Oct
23rd Jan
26th Mar
7th Mar
31st Jan

Sessions run quarterly. Times of the session vary depending on the preferences of the people attending. Please join the group or email the organiser for more details, times and venues. Or email [email protected]

If you don't receive a confirmation email back from, please check your junk folder. Or you can email 

CENTRAL: [email protected]
EAST: [email protected]
NORTH: [email protected]
WEST: [email protected]


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