We Ain’t the Same

We Ain’t the Same is a podcast created by teens that explores the relationship between young people and police. 

This podcast was created by young people working with the Trust for Developing Communities, a Brighton and Hove-based charity working for a healthier, more inclusive, resilient Brighton & Hove. The podcast was developed in partnership with Make (Good) Trouble, a social enterprise that works with young people to give them a voice through digital media.

Supported by the Sussex Violence Reduction Partnership


Podcast One: Sergeant Emma Holliday

We interview Sergeant Emma Holliday from Sussex Police about how the police are trained and recruited today and what they do to engage positively with young people. 

“There are times when you have to call the police and it’s usually on the worst day of your life.  

It really is important that members of the public look at the police force and go, I see myself in the police force”

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Podcast Two: PC Joe Davis

We interview PC Joe Davis from Sussex Police Youth Team about his work with young people.

“We need to recognise that young people are different and are going through loads of changes, particularly in the last year and those young people are going to need that support now more than ever”

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Podcast Three: Detective Superintendent Mike Ashcroft

We interview Detective Superintendent Mike Ashcroft about county lines and child explotation

“The police work with and have to work with a lot of other agencies to help support those young people that get, unfortunately, dragged into dealing and county lines” 

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