Meet This Year’s Community Champions: Marc Gory

From TDC's Tony Silesby

Marc has been an exceptional volunteer to the east Brighton neighbourhood for many, many years.

Initially working as an apprentice in Hawks community cafe, his friendly nature and desire to help his neighbours was clear. Marc went on to volunteer as a youth worker in the Crew Club and contributing to the community at every opportunity.

More recently Marc set up Whitehawk FC in order to provide local people the opportunity to play competitive football to improve their mental and physical health. He recognised that, although there are opportunities for children to play football, unless you have a particular talent there was little or no opportunity for anyone over 18, meaning they miss out on the benefits: team spirit, a sense of belonging and purpose that can be gained from football.

Marc and his then small group of volunteers renovated pitches, gained funding and set about giving people a chance regardless of ability. He was so successful that numbers of of people wishing to play became huge. True to his ethos of ‘football for all’ Marc committed even more time to run an additional drop-in session in addition to the training session and match days that he already ran).

This session sees up-to-date 30 people attending (both male and female) and welcomes even the newest players to the club.

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