Meet this Year’s Community Champions: Jane Hunter

From TDC's Anke Thurm

Jane has been active in her community for years and years – running her local tenant and residents’ association in East Moulsecoomb, connecting her community members and neighbours with each other and working with local groups and services.

Since the start of the pandemic, she has gone from collecting donations for the local foodbank to starting a whole new food project with other local residents. She has really upped her involvement in the community to organise and help make Moulsecoomb Community Market one of the most successful, forward-thinking food projects in the area ensuring that more than 60 household have access to low cost food. She has also taken an interest in St George’s Hall, which thanks to her and her husband Andy, has gotten a new coat of paint, a nicer garden with repaired benches and an exciting and successful summer fair right after lockdown this summer to help bring people together again.

She has more plans for St George’s Hall and Moulsecoomb Community Market, ideas for connecting people and places and services and I am in awe of her energy, excitement and commitment to the community in Moulsecoomb. Jane is a force to be reckoned with!

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