Learning Coffee Making Skills at a Probarista Class.

Earlier this month, our MESH and Community Learning projects offered participants the chance to take Probarista training at One Church. MESH provides training and employment advice and opportunities to people from ethnically diverse backgrounds in Brighton and Hove, and this training was a great opportunity to learn a useful skill. In these classes, MESH Members learned from expert trainers the fine art of Barista Coffee Making.

They will be supported to find volunteering and paid work using their new skills.

The class was a great success with the 15 women who attended the two sessions, learning to make beautiful delicious coffee drinks, including espresso and lattes, foaming milk and creating those brilliant designs on the top of coffees that mark out a great barista. 

We had great feedback from the women too, who all were able to get the most out of the class, with the support of TDC.

"I'm really enjoyed. Xavier is a good teacher and the partner too. Thank you for allowing me the course!"

"I enjoy it and understand it. The teacher was very good. We all learned a lot of things."

"It was great yes I understand it. The teacher really good because he is explaining everything to us. Everyone was good they all did a great job."

"I never thought making coffee could be that difficult. But we learning new skills. We enjoyed the session. Xavier was very nice and helpful. We worked in pairs and everything was easy and well explained. Thanks for organising these session where we get the opportunity to learn and meet new people."

"My probarista course is very good . Yes, I enjoy it. Yes, I understand it. Yes, the women work well together."

"Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity."

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