Youth Work in Schools: Youth Work Week 2023

Every day this week, we are marking Youth Work Week 2023, focussing on Youth Work in every place and space.

Rachael Sergeant delivers our youth work in Longhill School 

Working in Longhill High School once a week is a wonderful way to extend our youth service offer to young people where they are in the community.

I work with young people in school in many different ways, sometimes supporting young people in a one to one setting, offering them youth work support to help them access learning. I might hold a group session to work on topics such as wellbeing, mental health, bullying or other needs that young people have in school. Having a youth worker in the corridors to help young people who are struggling and make sure they feel included in school life is essential in a city where we believe everyone has a right to accessible education.

Inclusion staff at the school say that having a youth worker settle one individual can have a positive effect on a friendship group and therefore a ripple effect through the whole year. I look forward to supporting more young people learn and thrive in 2024.

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