Turnaround Project: Youth Work Week 2023

Every day this week, we are marking Youth Work Week 2023, focussing on Youth Work in every place and space.

Grace Martin delivers our Turnaround Project.

Turnaround is a national run programme that aims to support young people from 10 - 17 with 1-2-1 support.

This is early diversionary work and aims to stop young people from re-offending. This project is held in a  partnership with Brighton and Hove Youth Justice Service (YJS). This intervention lasts from 3-12 months and generates a service that provides Youth Work as well as Community Navigation.

A vital part of my role is sign posting to other services 1-2-1 wellbeing sessions: taking young people to local youth clubs, boxing gyms, the Youth Employment Service (YES), as well as, personally providing 1-2-1 weekly support. I aim to meet young people in their preferred location across Brighton and Hove meaning that my work needs to be attentive and appropriate. The Youth Work that is undertaken is explored in different conversations, locations, and, variations which is not beholden too a specific time or place. That's why at TDC we are proud to promote the idea of Youth Work in any space or place and we are successful in that with our variety of projects that we run across the city.

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