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Brighton and Hove Stands Up to Racism!

TDC has joined dozens of other organisations to sign Brighton & Hove Stands Up To Racism‘s Unity Statement in support of their stance against racism. 

The group was set up following the reported increase in racially motivated attacks after the Brexit vote, when a number of organisations in B&H made a joint statement standing up to racism.

A new statement has recently been released in light of the general election, specifically saying:

‘We stand against all attempts to use the general election to divide us on the grounds of ethnicity, race and religion.’

TDC are proud to have signed the statement and would encourage other organisations to do so. Here is the statement in full:

Unity Statement 18th April 2017 – for signature and circulation

Across the USA, Europe, the UK and Brighton & Hove, racism is growing.

Donald Trump’s election campaign and the EU Referendum debate involved relentless racist rhetoric that denigrated refugees, migrants and Muslims. We have seen the appalling murder of MP Jo Cox – labelled a ‘traitor’ because of her support for refugees – and the recent vicious attack on Reker Ahmed, a 17-year-old refugee, and his friends.

Racism is on the increase around the UK. The city of Brighton and Hove is not immune.

In Brighton & Hove there was a 2.5-fold increase in racist and religiously motivated hate crime in 2015–16, compared with 2013–14. ( Strategic Assessment of Crime and Community Safety 2016 – Brighton & Hove City Council and Community Safety Team)

We already know from our ‘unity stalls’ and organising meetings that people are being racially abused and assaulted. This is happening on our streets and in central Brighton. There is usually a group of perpetrators and they are most likely to be unknown to the person abused. The person abused is left feeling vulnerable, anxious and depressed.

With the announcement of a ‘snap’ general election on 8th June there is the serious prospect of a further rise in racism. Hate crimes soared by 41% following last year’s EU Referendum, and much of the toxic scapegoating that fuelled this rise now threatens to dominate the general election.

We stand against all attempts to use the general election to divide us on the grounds of ethnicity, race and religion.

We oppose Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and the scapegoating of refugees and migrants.

Migrants are not responsible for the NHS or housing crisis. They play an indispensable role in society and public services. Refugees have fled from war and terror and we welcome them. Diversity and multi-culturalism are our strength and we will not tolerate racism!

We have a long tradition of anti-racist and anti-fascist organisation and activity in Brighton & Hove. We recently set up a local branch of Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) – a national campaign launched in October 2016 that is supported by many leading political figures, trade unions, student unions and community groups – see

Our aim is to support refugees, migrants and ethnic minority groups and to give confidence to anti-racists. By taking the anti-racist message into workplaces, schools and colleges, and on to the streets, we counter racism and isolate those who would use it to divide us. We hope to create the broadest campaign possible so that we can make a difference.

We encourage all anti-racists to join us, work with us and sign this Unity Statement.

Please email [email protected] to add your name / organisation

We will issue a media release listing all the signatures on 18th May.

We are organising a pre-election ‘Question Time’ panel event on 20th May 14.30–16.00 at the Synergy Centre, 78 West Street, Brighton, BN1 2RA

Thank you for your support

For links to useful contacts who can help in reporting hate crimes please go to – Reporting Hate Crimes Can Make A Difference.



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