Reporting Hate Crimes Can Make A Difference


Hate crime in any form is wrong. This is why it is important that if a hate crime happens to you or someone you know; you should report it. Therefore, we strongly encourage people in communities across the city to report, and have the confidence to do so.

Reporting makes a difference – to you, your friends, and your community. By reporting a hate crime when it happens, you can help stop it from happening to someone else. You will also help the police to better understand the level of hate crime in your local area, and improve the way they respond to it.

Useful Contact Details

If you’ve been affected by or witnessed a hate crime, you can report it to the Community Safety Team on 01273 292735.

You can also visit the Brighton and Hove Safe in the City Partnership website for information on reporting and available support in the city

In case of an emergency, you can also call the police on 999

Other sources of help, advice and emotional support:

Victim Support

A national charity for victims and witnesses of crime in England and Wales. Tel: 0845 3030900

Stop Hate UK

Provide 24 hour independent support to people who have been affected by Hate Crime. Tel 0800 1381625 or text 07717 989025 e-mail: gro.kuetahpots@klat

Please share this information with anyone who has been effected by hate or harassment.


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