Noor-ul Huda Adventure Into the Woods

After a long time of not seeing each other during the pandemic, Noor-ul Huda – Moulsecoomb’s Muslim women and children group – made plans to get back in action this year with activities, trips and their regular meet-ups. After successfully fundraising, the group put one of its aims in motion by liaising with TDC and Action in Rural Sussex’s Lost Woods programme to go out and experience woodland activities in nearby Lewes.

16 children and young people together with their mothers boarded a train from Moulsecoomb station on a sunny October morning. From Lewes station it was a short walk to the woodland between the railway and river that is managed by the Railway Land Wildlife Trust.

Lost Woods Village Agents had a lot of fun activities in store for the kids and parents including a walk around the heart of the Railway Land, tree identification, games, outdoor arts and crafts. Some of the young people showed off tree climbing skills, whilst the younger children earned explorer credit for displaying quiet fox walking, tree rubbing and coming up with their own games to experience the woods.

Everyone took a bit of learning away from the day about how to behave in and treat a woodland when you visit, but also how easy it is to be entertained in a woodland at any age.

“We were happy that the Lost Woods team invited the group along and planned the woodland activities, but I feel after being given a little support from TDC this time to plan the journey the group can now tackle other local and bigger trips themselves.”

Anke, TDC Community Development Worker

The group brought along lunch for a joint sit-down meal in the Pavilion building, which gave the adults a place to warm up, get comfortable, chat and pray, whilst little legs had energy left to investigate more of their wooded playground for the day.

Asking the kids for feedback after the activity, all voted that they would come back and rated their experience a 10 out of 10.

“I really had a lot of fun today, but next time I want to go to Disneyland.”

Ibrahim, 6 years.

Inspired by this trip, the group is now looking forward to planning other local adventures and excursions further afield, alongside their educational activities for kids and parents of the groups, as well as regular and planned joint meals and events.

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A group of women and children walk along a woodland path.

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