Circus Fun at Preston Park for Migrant Families

During half term TDC’s Equalities team held a special free Flying Seagulls circus show in Preston Park. The event was for the children and families of women who attend our Multicultural Women’s Cycle Club during term time. We had beautiful weather and were delighted to have 70 parents and kids come along to join the circus, including refugees and vulnerable migrants from Syria, Iraq, Spain, and South America.

Organiser, TDC’s Cicely Lloyd described the event.

Beckie and Gozzy were absolutely brilliant and the children were captivated. They had an immediate rapport with the children, and a great balance of friendly, super-fun, and directive delivery.

It was an important opportunity for the adults to meet too, and to watch their children having a great time while they relaxed together (in the sun, hooray).

School holidays can be tough for isolated families on low incomes with EAL (English as an Additional language). Parents had invited others from their English class or from the school run and friendships were strengthened.

TDC heard about The Flying Seagull Project from Tania Skae who is on our Board of Trustees. We would definitely recommend them, and hope to host The Flying Seagull project for families we work with again soon.

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