Busy Turn Out for Our First Inclusive Job Fair

Last week we held our first Inclusive Job Fair at the Brighthelm Centre in partnership with the Brighton Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Work and Pensions

The auditorium was full of stalls representing employers from across the city. We publicised the event with flyers, posters and social posts translated into Ukrainian, Arabic and Albanian and the response was incredible, with people already waiting for the event before the 10am start time. 

Our Employability Support Workers Maryna and Idris were available as Arabic and Ukrainian translators to help people communicate with potential employers about what they can offer.

"It was so good to have a Ukrainian speaker introduce me to employers as I didn't have the confidence to do it by myself."

Ukrainian Attendee

"I thought it went really well, good atmosphere and I could see a lot of good connections being made."

DWP representative

"It was a great lively atmosphere and we worked hard to make people feel welcome and help them connect with employers, colleges and BHCC advice teams, a very satisfying morning!"

TDC Event Organiser

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