Apples and Eyes Creates a Half Term Tempest with our Young People

This Autumn half term, TDC's Youth Team got together with theatre company Shakespeare in Italy to run the second year of our Apples and Eyes project. A group of young people spent the week creating a film inspired by scenes from The Tempest. The project was designed to be accessible to young people from all over the city, giving them access to the equipment, expertise and inspiration to create and explore the arts.

The rehearsals and filming took place in the beautiful setting of One Garden in Falmer. Transport was provided from central Brighton, which the young people were encouraged to manage by themselves. The sun shone in the woods around Stanmer Park as Prospero, Miranda, Arial and Caliban learned their lines, costumes and props were created and locations were found. A whole range of alternative craft projects were also on offer and lunch was provided by the One Garden cafe.

The final film will receive a world premiere later in the year for the hard-working young cast and crew. Watch this space. 

"This is the second year we've run this project and it's great to work with professional artists and film makers bringing a new approach to youth work.

This week I've seen friendships forming and so much enthusiasm for this culture and creativity. It's great to give young people a chance to explore a world they might not get to see otherwise and really find out what they can do."

Caroline Vitta, TDC Youth Team

"Really Fun!"

Young Participant

"I've not seen a phone out for four days."

Tonya Bridle, Shakespeare in Italy

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