Brighton & Hove Small Groups Network

The Brighton & Hove Small Groups Network aims to bring together community groups from across Brighton and Hove to give them the help and support they need to run their group.

Small Groups Network Community Development Brighton
Barbara and Mandy, two members of the Small Groups Network

The network meets regularly in different neighbourhoods across the city and is the place for members of small groups to meet other people doing similar things, to reflect on some of the challenges and to support each other to move forward. There is also a members’ e-list so people can contact each other outside of the meetings to ask for advice and information.

TDC works with The Resource Centre & Community Works to support this network of community and voluntary groups. It is open and membership is free to any group with an income less than £35,000 each year.

The network meets 3 times in the year and tries to reach different parts of the City. In February they met in the North at The Bridge Community Education Centre. They looked at what help and ideas they could share about getting funding and recruiting more volunteers.

One network participant said of the group “It is great to know that there are others in the city doing such amazing work and that collectively we are stronger to tackle the problems we are facing. It is good to know that there are people / organisations out there willing and able to support the work we are doing. That in itself is empowering.”

The next meeting will take place in June. To join the network, contact  Lisa Mytton [email protected] 01273 234031 or you can find further info on the Community Works website.


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