Friends of Downlands Court celebrate for the second time!

Co-op local community fund

There was cause for celebration at the most recent Friends of Downlands Court committee meeting because earlier that week, Sue Sayers, their community participation worker, had been informed that the group had been chosen for the second time, to be one of three chosen local charities to receive a share of the Peacehaven Co-op Community Fund.

1% of any spending on Co-op branded items at either of the Peacehaven Co-op food stores or at Peacehaven Funeralcare, together with money raised from the sale of carrier bags, goes into the Community Fund. This will then be divided between the three chosen charities: Friends of Downlands Court, the ABC Fund and the Cats Afterschool Club. Customers who are Co-op members can nominate one of the charities to receive their percentage if they wish, by calling 0800 023 4708 and selecting option 3.

Downlands Court is an extra care retirement home in Peacehaven which TDC’s community participation worker Sue, has been supporting since September 2009. The Friends of Downlands Court group helps people aged 50+ to organise activities which offer opportunities to have fun, keep healthy and combat loneliness. They recruit volunteers of all ages to facilitate and develop these activities and to support the people that participate, many of whom have chronic health needs or disabilities including dementia.

The first time Downlands Court were chosen for the Co-op Community Fund they received over £5,000 which has been used to provide outings for older people who do not get out and about much. These outings have been supported by our part-time worker, Sue Sayers, and the funding helped to keep her in post. This second lot of funding which we will receive in 2018 will help us promote gentle exercise and social activity among older people.

If you would like more information about her work with Older People at Downlands Court, please contact Sue on 07412 709 310 or [email protected]

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