The History of the 67 Centre

The youth team at TDC is very happy to be presenting a piece of work that has taken 2 years and well over a hundred hours of planning, research, interviews, and production.  It is the culmination of work led by Adam Muirhead, our Director of Youth Work and Sue Shanks (AKA Robertson), Youth Work historian and author into the history of the 67 Centre in Moulsecoomb, Brighton upon its 50th birthday in 2017.

The booklet will be printed and made available for free to those interested, starting with all the people who generously gave their time to speak with us and join us at the 50th birthday party itself.

For those who would like to see more old photos, or contribute to the conversation with your own memories, please have a look at the Facebook page, created as part of this project: . You can download this booklet as a pdf and from the TDC blog archives you can read about and see photos of the 50th birthday celebration we held in May 2017. 

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