Tailored courses

The Trust can devise bespoke training programmes in community development, community engagement and other areas of work to accommodate the needs of different client groups such as Public Sector representatives, Private Sector and/or voluntary organisations.

The Trust for Developing Communities has offered accredited community development training for community activists and others who wish to seek employment in this area of work. To date it has run six full-length Working in Community Organisations (WICO) training courses in various locations in Sussex. The one-day-a-week for 15 months course is an intensive one, but some 70 students have ‘graduated” with an Advanced Diploma in Community Development (OCN Level 3) and many are now in employment as professional community development workers, some with the Trust itself. This is the only local hands-on professional, work based qualification for all those wishing to embark on a career in Community Development or to consolidate and enhance their practice,that is free to the participants. Students are required to attend one ”training” day a week and be actively working or volunteering for another 2 days a week.

The course leads to an Advanced Diploma in Community Development (Further Education OCN level 3) and consists of 10 core modules run over a 50 week period (outside of school holidays), these are:

  • Understanding the Community and Community Groups
  • Understanding Community Work
  • Understanding Community Development
  • The Responsibilities of Local Groups
  • Getting the Organisation”s Message Across
  • Working with the Council and other bodies
  • Organising Public and Community events
  • Administration and Office skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Planning, Evaluation and Fundraising

The course is open to Community Workers (either Communities of Interest or Geographical Communities) working for public, community and voluntary organisations and to voluntary community activists working in their communities/neighbourhoods i.e.: active in their own community and wanting to move into employment in community work or to inform and support their work.

We have had the pleasure to work with very dedicated people who are now successfully working in community development or related areas in local councils, community organisations and even the private sector.

If your organisation could potentially fund, or part fund, a WICO course in future, please contact the Chief Executive. 

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