Young men from Brighton talk about their lives in new audio documentary ‘Young Ends’

Young Ends youth project promo image

Young Ends is a powerful piece of audio that amplifies the voices of young men from Brighton, in a project created by TDC’s Youth Team and Next Gen Radio Station Platform B.

The young men featured in the project, who all attend youth sessions at the 67 Centre in Moulsecoomb, chatted with TDC’s Senior Youth Worker SeanO Older in intimate, anonymous conversations where they expressed what it is really like growing up in the area and life for young men today.  Subjects up for discussion in these chats included risk, manhood, the challenges the young men face and the support they need. The experiences and opinions they shared are frank, raw and honest, but their personalities, humour and bravery always shine through.

To create the Young Ends soundscape, Platform B producer Ed ApIvor and sound artists Michael Melville and Alfie Newman blended the young men’s words with music from local producer and rapper Madaliso to create an evocative audio piece framing the stories of the participants.

TDC are delighted to be able to present the finished piece of work here, a creative and moving insight into the lives and thoughts of these incredible young men.

This project was financially supported by Brighton & Hove City Council and the Brighton & Hove Violence Reduction Partnership.  The views and opinions captured are those of the young men and not necessarily of TDC, Platform B or our funders.

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