TDC’s Youth Team Deliver 59 Food and Warmth Hampers Across the City

Lockdown has been a real struggle for a lot of people, especially when it comes to financial difficulties. Over the last couple of months, our TDC Youth Team have planned, packed and delivered Food and Warmth Hampers to 59 young people and their families across the city

The team preparing to pack the hampers

Packed hampers ready to go

The hampers included a selection of food, socks, gloves, blankets, and food vouchers which were all packed by the team and delivered (covid-safe) to each family’s doorstep. The TDC Youth Team also designed a Recipe Cookbook with a variety of their favourite meals including “Caroline’s Mixed Bean Chilli’ and “Shamann’s Easy Fajitas” which seemed to go down well.

You can download your own copy of the cookbook here Youth Worker Cookbook

The recipe book included with the hampers

Oreo cheese cake made from hamper recipe book

Fajitas made from hamper recipe book

More amazing food from the hampers

"Thank you for your hampers and shopping vouchers supplied to the families on St Michaels Way Traveller Site. This will have a positive impact on all the family's life in a challenging time. The Friends, Family and Travellers team would like to express our appreciation"

The TDC Youth Team are delighted with the success of this project and hope to be able to do something else like this in the future.




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