Taking Account social and economic audit

We’re thrilled to have been a part of a recent report on the impact of the charity sector in Brighton & Hove.

Taking Account is an audit of third sector organisations in Brighton and Hove, which evidences the scale, scope and impact the sector makes, and evaluates its social and economic contribution to the city. It takes place every five years and the 4th Taking Account report has just been published. It includes case studies, background reports and the Brighton and Hove Money Trail Project in which nine local third sector organisations, including TDC, tracked their income and expenditure to see how much of it they spent on local services and suppliers. We’re proud that the report has revealed that for every £1 invested in TDC, a further £1.51 of value is generated through reinvestment in our city. 

Read the full Taking Account 4 Report on the Community Works website and view a summary of findings below. 

Taking Account report Brighton Hove

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