REBOOT launches

We're excited to share that REBOOT, the Sussex early intervention project for 11-17 year olds, is now fully up and running. 

REBOOT is a personalised, one-to-one support package for children and young people. The unique REBOOT programme takes a partnership approach to support vulnerable young people who are at risk of being targeted by organised crime groups and divert them away from crime at an early stage. Read more about how it works here

The project focuses on the strengths of the young person and seeks to capitalise on their interests, experience, skills and views. Participants will be offered a personalised support package which includes the activities most beneficial in helping them overcome some of the issues they face. With the support of the youth coach each child or young person will get opportunities to access activities which may provide a new way to focus themselves and create positive opportunities.

There are nine Youth Coaches in post across Sussex bringing a range of skills and experiences. It’s a good mix of personalities and experiences with everyone unified by a strong desire to support young people to unlock and maximise their potential and divert away from negative influences that could see them put at risk.

REBOOT Sussex Youth Coaches
The REBOOT Sussex Youth Coaches (TDC's Adam W is in the back row, third from the right)

Youth Coach Adam Welton will be working on behalf of TDC to bring the programme to the areas we work in. A youth work professional with over 14 years' experience, Adam says"I am passionate about working alongside young people to enable them to use and develop their skills, interests and potential. The Reboot project attracted me as I feel it shares this value and wants to provide support to help young people lead safe and positive lives". You can read more about him and meet the other youth coaches on the Sussex PCC website

Family, friends, schools and community and statutory organisations can all make referrals to REBOOT. Participation is voluntary and consensual with a commitment from the young person and family to engage with the programme. You can download a referral form from the YMCA Downslink Website

If you have any questions please contact Adam Welton, TDC’s REBOOT Youth Coach or Adam Muirhead, TDC’s Director of Youth Work.

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