Phoenix Estate Community BBQ

By Emma Reeves, Community Development Worker for Tarner.

We had a great day when we attended the Phoenix Estate Community BBQ on Saturday 15th Sept. 

The residents had a wonderful time at their, luckily the sun was shining all day and everyone who came enjoyed the event. Thanks to All Different All Equal and the Hyde Foundation for funding the day, and to the Tarner Community Project for lending us their massive BBQ and large speaker.

The Mobile Skate Park was a great success as well as the oversized games from The Resource Centre. Bruce from Bike for Life came along and helped fix residents’ bicycles and there were plenty of free burgers and sandwiches for all.

Phoenix Gallery were there with their cake and chat stall to discuss ideas for the neighbourhood and we also had the Fire brigade arrive in a fire engine for the young people to explore plus the offers of free smoke alarm installations.

Thanks to all the hard work of volunteers on the day and leading up to the event.

All in all a fabulous afternoon!

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