Meet TDC’s New Peer Educators

TDc's Sayanti Banerjee, Israa, TDC's Maha Mustafa, Juhaina and Mohammed at TDC's office on their first day.

I'm very excited. I can't wait to get involved with other people and encourage them to get the vaccine.

New Peer Educator Israa

In an exciting new initiative this week, TDC welcomed three new Peer Educators to work with us on our Vaccine Confidence Programme. The new scheme will see them out and about with the Mobile Vaccination Unit, helping to make it more welcoming for Black, Asian and minority ethnic people, including visitors, migrants and refugees. The Peer Educators are recruited from communities that our programme supports and will be trained by TDC to confidently support their peers to access the vaccine.

Between the three of them, the Peer Educators speak Arabic, Farsi and Kurdish. From today they will be on hand at the Mobile Vaccination Unit to chat to their peers and respond to any concerns they have about the Covid-19 Vaccination. 


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