Hollingdean Children’s Centre to open on Saturday’s – Volunteers needed

Exciting News

The Children’s Centre will open at weekends – with your help!

How often have you been at Hollingdean Park and or skate park, or have just returned from a walk in the National Park and longed for a coffee or the need to use the loo?!

As you may know a group of residents have been in discussion with officers at Brighton & Hove City Counvil to have the Children’s Centre open at the weekend. This would provide welcome access to the café and the toilets.

Good news – It has been agreed that there will be a trial period in the summer when the centre will be open for part of the day on Saturdays (date to be confirmed). The residents’ group are planning some events on the days when the centre is open.

However to make this happen we need a bank of volunteers to ‘work’ in the café and help with cleaning up at the end of the day. The more volunteers the less time everyone has to help.

There will be an induction/training for everyone so we all feel confident about what we are doing.

We are pleased to say that Hollingdean Development Trust has agreed to be the ‘responsible body’ – so a huge thanks to the trustees. The details of the agreement with the council have still to be finalised but we need to demonstrate that there will be enough volunteers to make the project viable.

Please contact me if you are interested or want some more information.
Phone 01273 236160
Email: [email protected]

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