Enjoying the open spaces in our city by the sea

Our AGM this year focused on the open spaces around our city. We were very lucky to hear a presentation from Dr. William Bird, voted as one of the UK’s top 30 most influential conservationists and named by The Independent as one of the top 100 people making Britain a happier place. Dr Bird spoke on the theme of “The Natural Health Service” – telling us about the benefit of green spaces to our health and wellbeing and how as humans we were designed to be connected to nature. Staying with this theme, we asked AGM attendees to tell us about the open spaces that mean something to them.

Some of the beautiful open spaces in our city – Madeira Terrace, Brighton seafront and Queen’s Park

We asked people to –

“Name an open space in Brighton & Hove that you particularly value”


“What makes it special to you?”

It was wonderful to read the varied responses, detailing the joys to be found in the many open spaces in our city by the sea.

Here are some of our favourite comments:


  • Ann’s Well Gardens – “It is the perfect size and packs so much in. All you could want in a park and now a fantastic café”


  • Craven Woods/Whitehawk Hill – “Good views, used to walk our dog there and it is on my doorstep”


  • Downs Cemetery and Craven Woods – “Very peaceful and restful”


  • The copse behind Woodland Drive – “I used to live in a house that backed onto it, a valuable open space”


  • The beach and sea – “I can swim, sunbathe, beachcomb, look for shells, find mussels to eat, look at the horizon and meditate, listen to the waves and relax”


  • Queens Park – “It’s the most dog-friendly park in the city”


  • Madeira Terraces and Seafront – “It’s a quiet part of the beach and for its historical characteristics”


  • Regency Square – “500,000 people look down on it each year from the i360”


  • Preston Park – “My own children loved going there and being allowed to play “explorers”, plus the thrill of the “risky” stepping stones”


  • Brighton & Hove Seafront – “Happy or sad, I always feel connected & priviledged to be surrounded by the expanse of space and nature. The seafront is the place where I meet friends & family, spend time together – connecting, socialising & sharing.”


  • Hove Lawns – “So big, very green. Room to do anything! Can run there, sit in the sun. Is good to be able to see so much green”

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