The TDC ‘Tech Trail’ at the Brighton Digital Festival

This year’s Brighton Digital Festival will be taking place between Thursday 14th September and Friday 13th October.

TDC are excited to be working with some of Brighton’s most exciting digital businesses and educators to create a Tech Trail around the city. The trail will inspire young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to learn more about the possibilities of tech in the city by offering them the chance to step through the doors of different tech businesses and see first-hand what a digital workplace looks like.

Read more about the Tech Trail on the Brighton Digital Festival website and register here in advance to secure your spot. 

And in addition to this, we have teamed up with Propellernet search marketing agency, Block Builders and the British Airways i360 to offer a fun, interactive Virtual Reality experience to five classes from primary schools in some of Brighton & Hove’s most disadvantaged areas. Want to find out more? Click here

TDC’s Business Development Manager Ruth Chapman says “we’ve just had our first meeting to kick-start the TDC Tech Trail and it was great to see so many companies engage with the idea of opening their doors so that young people could experience tech in Brighton. We hope that visiting companies like Drum, Brandwatch, Propeller Net, Gene Commerce and many more, will inspire young people and help them realise the possibilities in tech as a future career”.

The Tech Trail takes place between 2nd and 5th October across Brighton & Hove. Participation is FREE and is for young people aged between 14-17 but you must register in advance and all under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult. 

Registration is via Eventbrite:

Here is what’s in store:

Tech Trail Schedule

Monday: Come and find out more about Brighton Metropolitan’s Computer Programming course – what does the course cover and how does this translate into what digital companies are looking for.

Wednesday group 1: Meet the team at Ideal and find out what it’s like to provide IT solutions for companies like IKEA from a base in Brighton. Then, after a quick stroll up the hill, visit Pragmatic, a website design agency who have created sites for ITV, Conde Nast, Bacardi and Headmasters. How do you come up with ideas that work with their brand?

Wednesday group 2: We’ll start at Drum where the team are keen to chat about how you can spot digital solutions and turn them into a business; Drum recognised the need for people all over the world to meet and created an online portal for team meetings that is used worldwide. After a quick stroll along the seafront, we’ll then stop in at Latest Television where you can see the difference tech makes in media – perhaps trying your hand at reading from the digital autocue.

Thursday group 1: Meet the group at Brandwatch, a major Brighton tech agency that works for digital companies, monitoring the conversations that people are having online – get involved with some social research yourself and see how it could help inform companies about their next move. We then move on to Platf9rm, a shared working space that is full of tech companies who can chat to you about how they got into tech. There will also be a chance to try a VR experience with 3plusVR that explores the potential of an online world.

Thursday group 2: It’s your chance to step inside Propellernet, regularly voted one of the top places to work in the UK. Propellernet will show you how they make sure other companies are found online – a mixture of website work and incredible experiences that lift companies to another level. We’ll then walk on to DabApps who create applications for the likes of Tesco and the NHS, as well as Brighton’s Fringe. Get involved in the debate about how people interact with apps and how to make them more interesting. 

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