Chinese Elders – Dementia Session

By Sue Sayers, TDC Senior Community Participation & Development Worker. 

As part of the ongoing work for the Dementia Action Alliance, I was delighted to present a Dementia friends Awareness session to the Brighton Chinese Elders Group last Friday the 27th July. PC Tang was there to interpret to a group of 20 Chinese men and women who were all keen to increase their understanding of dementia and how it impacts those who are living with it.

One interesting question was posed by the audience – do you still dream when you have dementia? If you do not dream does it mean you have dementia? That’s something for me to find out the answers!

At the end of the session all the participants agreed to become Dementia friends and received their forget-me-not pin badge – agreeing to tell others what they had heard in the session – thus joining the 2 million people across the UK who have joined this social movement lead by the Alzheimer’s Society.

For more information go to or contact Sue Sayers on 07412 709 310 or [email protected] if you would like me to deliver a Dementia Friends awareness session to your community group or organisation, or in your neighbourhood.

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