Meet this Year’s Community Champions: Emma Richardson

From TDC's Amy Allison

Emma lives in Mile Oak and during lock down noticed that the local primary school had started to run a food bank. The teachers were trying to run the food bank as well as their classes and were struggling to run it efficiently.

Emma volunteered and started giving out and delivering food parcels to 20+ families across Mile Oak and North Portslade. As well as getting a FareShare delivery Emma tried to supplement the food by adding food from Olio and other food banks that had surplus. Emma was aware that many families needed to access affordable food in Mile Oak (the nearest shopping areas are a bus ride/drive away) so she jumped at the chance to start BrightStore, an affordable food project, in Mile Oak.

Emma helped to recruit several other volunteers and has been the lead volunteer since BrightStore Mile Oak launched in June. There have been 60+ families that have accessed the project.

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