Meet this Year’s Community Champions: Gaston Mallia

From TDC's Caroline Vitta 

In 2018 Gaston was part of a group of local residents in Saltdean who noted the lack of youth provision in the area. After a lot of raising funds and collecting donated resources the Saltdean and Rottingdean Youth Club opened its doors in January 2019.

Since day 1, Gaston really has been the face of the youth club and the person who drives it forward. The youth club runs on a Friday evening and despite training and working full time to become a teacher, Gaston is there every week to open the doors, provide activities and give the young people that come a fun couple of hours out as well as making sure the club has funding to continue

Gaston is passionate about the youth club and the potential about looking at the opportunities that young people may have through attending. He is keen that the club runs on  the ideas of young people and that they feel ownership of it. I think Gaston is a real Community Champion for the young people in Saltdean and the surrounding areas and that is why I am nominating him for a Community Champions Award

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