TDC’s Curiosity Club Head to the Science Museum

A museum trip is a great way to spend a grey autumn half term day. Last week three TDC youth workers and nine young people headed off to see what they could discover at London Science Museum. Project leader Kate Barker describes the fantastic day out.

The first thing on the agenda was the Wonderlab! - where young people took part in the various activities. The slide in the Wonderlab was a particular hit! There was a sense of independence and exploration about the day as we inquisitively roamed the museum.

After a tasty lunch and a look around the gift shop, it was time for the IMAX. We watched Antarctica with our 3D glasses on and it was fantastic to see the animals come to life and out of the screen! 

The bus journey home was filled with singing and laughter, talks about the day, and by the end, a little bit of snoozing! It was a really successful day that comprised of hands on fun, curiosity and learning.

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