Reviewing the First Year of Community Roots

TDC is one of the partner organisations of Community Roots, a network of non-clinical mental health services that help people find the right support for them. This network is the first of its kind in Sussex.

One of our key aims is to ensure that no matter where people enter the mental health system, they can easily gain access to services and that there is no wrong door. We are committed to ensuring all of Brighton and Hove’s diverse communities, including minority and underrepresented groups, know what services are available and how to access them.

Community Roots launched in October 2019 and has just completed a review of its first year, a year where Covid-19 put extra pressure on mental health services everywhere.

The full review of Community Roots’ first year is available on the Community Roots website here.

There is also a short video review available. 

TDC is proud to be part of Community Roots and working with the partner organisations across the city to help support mental health and wellbeing for diverse communities.

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