Help Staying Healthy with TDC and Active Sussex

The challenges of the last year mean that wellbeing has never been more important.

Particularly for the members of our Black and minority ethnic community -- who figures show have been disproportionately affected by the recent pandemic. That's why TDC and Active Sussex have been working in partnership to support local people by encouraging greater physical activity.

Initially we surveyed over twenty Black and minority ethnic families to understand how much activity they undertake, what they enjoy doing and the barriers that prevent them from doing more. The project went onto work with local groups to assist in developing ways that can help them become more accessible and resulted in more welcoming groups and developing new opportunities such as football activities, supported walking events, free yoga taster sessions and even a women’s only gardening and social group.

Pleasingly the follow up survey results showed and significant increase in activity and even where it wasn’t possible to engage in a formal activity more people had taken to walking or gentle home exercise – with people reporting that they "feel better for it".

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