Tackling the Isolation of Older People in Our Community

From Sue Sayers, our Ageing Well Project Manager

"A wonderful lady who lives in Woodingdean gave me a Christmas card containing the following poem that she had written. (Included here with her permission)."


What does Christmas mean to me?
As we recall the nativity,
The birthday of Jesus so we all rejoice,
But what about those that have no voice?

The lonely, the sad and those on their own,
The ill, the depressed and those with no home,
All who are friendless, no one to care,
No presents to open, no meal to share.

The darkness descends and the weather is cold,
Often a struggle for those who are old,
Whose partner has died, whose children have left,
All on their own, feeling bereft.

Can we make contact, enlighten their day?
Help them recover and go on their way?
Begin a new friendship and give them some cheer?
Together forever as we start the New Year.

Helen Mason

"Helen’s poem sums ups what life can be like for many of us, particularly perhaps older people and especially over the past two years in this most peculiar time. It really showed me how important the Ageing Well project and all the work that TDC and the partner organisations involved in that project do to help prevent isolation."

The last Ageing Well Festival featured our project Dance, Dance, Dance pictured above.

If you want to know more about Ageing Well, or if you want to be a volunteer to support the work of the project, please contact Sue Sayers [email protected] or 07412 709 310

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