Our Youth Workers Are Still Working

As we all got used to being locked down again, TDC's Youth Team got busy with a range of ways that we could stay in touch with young people in Brighton and Hove.

Online Support
The team are reaching out to young people to just check on how they are doing and offer support if it's needed. This may be a call, text, or online message, whatever the young person has said is okay with them. If additional support needs are identified we can offer this over the phone, through text or online. We may be able to offer a walk and talk session too.

We are also offering online Youth Sessions during the week which include chat, playing games, quizzes, lyric writing, competitions, bingo and anything else that the young people come up with.

Current sessions are:
Tuesdays, 5.30-6.30pm: Zoom Youth Session with Evie and Agostina. Contact [email protected] for log in details

Tuesdays and Fridays , 6.30-8pm : Zoom Youth Session with the Woodingdean Youth Team. Contact [email protected] for log in details

Our partners the Saltdean and Rottingdean Youth Project launched Active8 online on Friday 29th January. There will be competitions, wellbeing tips, youth club news and more over the next 8 weeks. And hopefully an interactive online session too. The page is available here 


Street Based Work
And of course, our ever resilient Detached Youth Workers from the Brighton Streets Project are out in neighbourhoods and parks around Brighton and Hove doing welfare checks on any young people who are out and about.

We will be wearing masks so might not be so easily recognisable, but we have ID badges on and also our trademark hoodies.

For more information about TDC Youth Work, contact our Director of Youth [email protected]

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