Our 50+ Group Visit an Extraordinary Painted Church in Goring-by-Sea

Tucked away on an unassuming residential street in Goring is the Catholic Church of English Martyrs.  A 1970s building that from the outside looks quite ordinary. Inside the church, however, is an incredible 2/3 replica of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, thought to be the only such replica in the world.

TDC's 50+ group visited the church last week to see the amazing spectacle for themselves. 

After a fascinating morning exploring the church, the group rounded off the trip with  lunch in a local cafe.

TDC's 50+ outings are running through the summer, providing essential connections for isolated and other vulnerable older people. Our trips mean people can access free, fun social activities and make connections in the community. 

To find out more about our work with older people visit our Ageing Well page. 

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